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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your charges?

A: Call-out fee/collection/delivery: £25 (fixed fee invoiced once per job). 

Hourly labour rate: £50 (minimum labour charge of half an hour).

MOTs: Class 4: £75 including collection, MOT test (at a DVSA approved test station) and delivery back to the collection point (no re-test fee if Weltec rectify any failure items).

Additional charges:

Diagnostic systems check with documented fault codes: £30 (fixed fee invoiced once per job).

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A: At present we accept bank transfers or cash.

Q. When do I pay?

A: On completion of the repair work, or delivery, we will email you through an invoice within 24 hours. Payment MUST be made upon receipt of invoice. NOTE: A deposit may be required on certain jobs.

Q. What areas do you cover?

A: Call us for specific details, but as a guideline we work roughly within a 10 mile radius of Westbury, in Wiltshire. See our Contact page to view on a map.

Q. Are you insured?

A: We are insured to drive your vehicle. We have fully comprehensive motor trade insurance.

Q. What happens if my car fails the MOT?

A: We will phone you after the MOT test is completed and if your vehicle has failed, we will arrange either:

1. To commence with the repairs, and deliver your vehicle back once completed, or

2. To deliver your vehicle back to you and arrange another time for repairs to be carried out.

Q. When can I expect my car back?

A: This will be arranged with you when we discuss what work is required.

We will phone you before your vehicle is dropped back to arrange a convenient time.

Q. What if I’m not in when you drop my car back?

A: We can put your keys through your front door. NOTE: See payment details above.

Q. Do you have a workshop?

A: Yes we do have access to a workshop which we use for bigger repairs. Smaller repairs may be carried out on-site at your home.

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